Charity Fundraising Casino Hire

Charity Fundraising Events can and should be a fun and exciting experience

It offers multiple ways to raise funds and it is easy to promote. It also lends itself to becoming an annual tradition. A Charity Fun Casino Hire Nights is one of the most enjoyable nights your guest will ever have. Already feeling good about themselves because they are donating to charity, your guests are guaranteed to have a great time, experience a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Along with our James Bond 007 and Las Vegas Themes Nights Jewel will ensure that the night is a roaring success. Our professionally trained croupiers will provide maximum interaction for your guests with the sole aim of fundraising.

How it works

Jewel will create an authentic casino experience where there are only winners. You simply tell us your chosen date, the number of tables you would like and the preferred type of casino games – blackjack, poker, roulette or craps.



Our package includes:

On the day, we provide and set up your selected tables at your venue, complete with professional croupiers in black tie. These dealers go out of their way to engage your guests and where required, teach them to play the games and ensure they have a fantastic and unforgettable night.

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